Hello, my name is Travis Bieker. I am the owner of "Superior Line Sports" and if you’re looking for a great affiliate program than look NO FURTHER!!! No other handicapper keeps onto his clientele like Superior Line Sports. Bottom line we keep are clients happy because were honest and we provide outstanding customer service and consistent WINNERS!!!!!

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We both run websites that focus on similar industries and I would like to offer you a unique affiliation between your website and mine. This strategic alliance between us would give you a new stream of income, and also a new stream of visitors to your website.

It's really quit simple. I would provide you with a banner or text link to my site. Some of your spin-off traffic will click on that link. When they do, they would come to my sports handicapping site. If that customer then makes a purchase of any of my sports pick packages you automatically get 50% of the profits from each sale! And as long as the person who you referred to us purchases within 90 days you will still earn 50% of the sale!

All the referrals that you send my way are accurately tracked by Superior Line Sports.

Superior Line Sports will send you a check in the mail every month for the commissions you have earned. They are completely professional in tracking your sales so you'll never have to worry about getting your 50% referral commission.

Currently our site pulls about 2% in sales. So if you were to send 100 visitors per day to our site here is how much money you would earn:

100 visitors x 30 days = 3000 monthly referrals x 2% = 60 sales that you made in a month!

60 sales x an average of $100 U.S. per sale = $6000. Your cut would be 50% so you would make $3000.00 per month, or $36,000.00 per year!

So you could earn a whopping $36,000.00 annual income and that's no exaggeration. Some of our affiliates earn several hundred dollars each day! Imagine adding another 5-figure annual income to your revenues just by partnering with me, which costs you nothing to join! By the way these figures are "very accurate" based on solid data and nothing less!

If you like what you hear and you would like to partner with me, below are complete details on how to get started. Remember this costs you nothing to join! All you’re doing is putting my text or banner link on your site which will earn you 50% of the profits. I hope we can create a lasting partnership that will be mutually beneficial.

Sincerely, Travis Bieker


I guarantee that it will be a very profitable addition to your website, but don't take my word for it. Let me prove it! Join my program right now and just test it out for 1 month and if you're not completely satisfied, you can always leave the program. You have absolutely nothing to lose!

P.P.S: You'll start getting an extra pay check in the mail every month. Most of the major sports handicapping websites are already making money with this program, and now you will too!

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