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Basketball Betting: Get the basketball betting picks from the experts

Now that football season is over, die hard sports enthusiasts are turning to basketball betting. The best place to get your basketball betting tips is from a site who has successfully been selecting winners for more than a decade--SuperiorLineSports. With a high scoring record of picking the top sports picks under their belts, Bob Balfe + Trev Rogers continues to put their skills and experience on the line every game and every sports season.



Picking winners isn't done with a flip of a coin. It requires extensive review of injury lists, team and individual performances recently and long term, trends of recent wins and losses by the two teams or individuals involved, and a number of other factors including field condition and team spirit.

A computer can take all these factors and assign weights to them and come up with a selection, but it still takes a knowledgeable professional to decide how much to weight each factor and that is where the online basketball betting handicapper comes into play.

Even the best handicappers need to provide good customer service and their clients praise Bob Balfe + Trev Rogers for the way they treats their clients. Give them a try during the 2008 basketball season. You're sure to be pleased with the results.


Each year the basketball betting line gets harder and harder to beat. In order for the Superior Line Sports college basketball handicappers to beat the basketball betting line and stay ahead of the lines-makers it takes hard work and the right information. This is the kind of information that is not available to the general public on a daily bases. We rely on internet and contacts around the U.S to bring us this information. Don't be left out in the cold this basketball season, get the correct basketball information. The kind of information the basketball betting line and the line\-makers don't want you to know. Stay ahead of the game with Superior Line Sports.

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