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Bet the Fiesta Bowl and get a FREE $100 Bet

The Bowl games are the most exciting and profitable time for bettors, that is if they can make winning fiesta bowl picks. The handicappers of Superior Line Sports are the top rated handicappers in the industry and have been making winning bowl picks for the past decade. They have been nationally recognized in various media outlets for their in-depth analysis of fiesta bowl odds. They have tens of thousands of returning clients that depend on them every year to make them extra cash.

They spend countless hours researching and analyzing fiesta bowl odds so you donąt have too. Their combined winning rate of over 62% speaks for itself and what their picks can do for you this football season. By entering your email address now you can receive their free newsletter filled with everything you need for this years college football betting season. This includes free picks, fiesta bowl odds, stats, injury reports, audio/video updates, and much more. There are packages a available for every betting need ranging from free picks to full season college football odds packages.

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West Virginia certainly has the offense to put up a ton of points, but will Oklahoma's size be too tough for Pat White and Steve Slaton? The SLS experts have your Fiesta Bowl Pick and all of the latest odds to assist you with your Fiesta Bowl Betting. When it comes to being a winner choose the SLS Handicappers with their Fiesta Bowl Predictions!

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