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Football betting can make you a lot of money, that is if you have the time and energy it takes to make winning football predictions.  Countless hours researching and analyzing is necessary to keep up to date with line moves and injuries.  The Superior Line Sports handicappers do just that for their clients.  They stay up-to-date on all sports news and data, carefully analyze it, combined it with insider info all to make their football betting picks.  Their insider information comes from various sources in the industry they have networked with their over a decade in business. This gives all their clients the best odds and allows them to maintain their 62% combined winning rate.


Let them do the work this season so you dont have too.  You can just reap the benefit of their winning football betting predictions.  Sit, back relax this season and let the cash role in.  The SLS handicappers are the number one handicappers this decade and have the experience and expertise it takes to make football picks.  If your skeptical try their free football betting picks or pay if you win college football betting picks.  Enter your email address today and begin receiving their free newsletter filled with everything you need this football betting season.

Welcome and thank you for visiting the top football betting website on the internet. Football betting is one of the most profitable and popular betting options on the board. We at Superior Line Sports would like you to experience what it is like to wager on football and show you a profit while doing it. Get the your winning NFL Picks here now.

Football Handicappers

The football handicappers at Superior Line Sports strive to bring you winning football picks through hard work and dedication. Each one of our college football picks and NFL picks has been carefully researched to find a edge against the bookmaker. You will not be disappointed. We are not some" Fly by Night " sports service. The football handicappers on Superior Line Sports have knowledge and the insight it takes to show you a profit year after year. We will let our credentials speak for themselves. Talk about your winner at the #1 Sports Handicapping Forum.

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