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Superior Line Sports football handicappers specializes in football picks including NFL and college football picks.  The football handicappers at Superior Line Sports don't offer 100 star games everyday, false promises, or games of the millennium. All our football selections have been carefully researched to give our clients the best opportunity to profit.

The best football handicappers in the industry are at Superior Line Sports. The SLS handicappers are the top rated football handicappers this decade with a combined winning average of over 62%. This is the highest winning average of any group of handicappers out there. They spend countless hours researching and analyzing so you don;t have too. They have tens of thousands of clients from around the world that depend on them for their winning football picks season after season.

Our football picks are simply the best college football picks and NFL football picks on the board . Our specialties include NFL picks and college football picks.  If you are looking to start making money this football season instead of buried by your bookie, you have found the right place for your sports betting and sports handicapping needs.

The NFL Football Predictions and college football predictions released by the Superior Line Sports Handicappers are the best in the industry because, unlike most sports handicapping services we have the knowledge and experience it takes to beat the odds maker with our top notch football picks.  If you don't have the time to study match-ups, coaching strategies, stakes involved, key injury information, game location then you need the expertise of the football handicappers at Superior Line Sports who have the time it takes to gather such information that you need to show a profit this football season.  We give out honest picks that over the duration of the season with continue to give you the best chance to make you a profit and increase your bankroll.  You will see that the handicappers at Superior Line Sports are honest and have integrity and this is what bring our clients back year in and year out. Our free football picks and free college football picks are better than most NFL handicappers and their games of the year.

Let their experience and expertise make you tons of extra cash this football season. They have the experience it takes to recognize the trick bets from the games with the best football odds. They have packages available in a variety of prices ranging from free picks, pay if you win football picks, and full season picks packages. Enter your email address now to begin receiving their free newsletter. The newsletter has many features not offered by other football handicappers including audio/video updates made by the handicappers themselves, detailed write ups on every team, an in-depth analysis, and stats and odds. Start getting paid and stop paying out this football season!

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