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Football Predictions

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Making College Football Predictions and NFL Football Predictions may seem simple or that there is nothing to it. If you do think this you couldn't be farther from the truth. It takes a professional like all three sports handicappers at Superior Line Sports. Bottom line it just not that simple! This is where Superior Line Sports NFL football predictions service can prove to be a great asset. We're not interested in digging deep into your pocket book. We're out to gain long term clients and at a low rate that allows you to purchase our picks and still show you a profit at the end of each football season.

Football predictions should be made by a professional handicappers that has the time and energy it takes to make winning predictions. The handicappers of Superior Line Sports have the experience and expertise it takes to make winning football picks. The SLS handicappers are an elite group of handicappers hand selected for their high winning rate. Combined, the SLS handicappers have a winning rate of over 62%. They spend countless hours researching and analyzing so you don't have too. They examine stats, odds, past performances, spreads, environmental and emotional factors and much more.

By charging a fair rate for our top notch NFL and college football picks we enter into a potential win-win situation in which both clients and us ( handicappers ) as we play all of our games with strict money management. Please don't be confused we don't win every week or everyday but over the course of a season we will show you a profit. What we have done is grouped together the very best football handicappers in the sports betting industry. Each handicapper has proven themselves year after year. The reality of college and NFL football betting is that most simply do not win, just look around maybe this is why you see sports-books popping up every other day.. This can be due to many reasons such as poor handicapping, bad money management, chasing losses, not having the right information or a number of other factors. Our handicappers are seasoned and know how to win. If your having a hard time beating your book and are looking for affordable football predictors, give our guys a shot, we think you'll be pleased with their results! Be sure to check out the daily record on our daily record page !

Enter your email address today to begin receiving the SLS newsletter. The daily newsletter has everything you need for this years football betting season. The handicappers make audio/video updates and write in-depth analysis reports on every game. This gives a detailed description of their research and the reasoning behind their picks. There are a variety of picks packages available ranging from free football picks, pay if you win football predictions and full season packages. Stop paying your man and start getting paid this year with the SLS handicappers.

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