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Welcome to our football wagering website.  Football wagering is one of the most profitable and popular sports betting options on the board and at most Las Vegas sportsbooks. We at Superior Line Sports would like you to experience what it is like to wager on football and also show you a profit each year from expert football picks in both college and NFL football.

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If you plan on putting your money up for football wagering this season, you need the best football picks out there. The handicappers of Superior Line Sports are the top rated handicappers this decade. The SLS handicappers were hand selected for SLS based on their winning average, clientele report, and professionalism. They have tens of thousands of returning clients from around the world that bet top dollar and depend on them to win games. Combined, their winning average is higher than any other group of handicappers in the industry at 62%. This translates to tons of extra cash for you to wager on football this season.

If you are still skeptical, the SLS handicappers offer pay if you win picks which guarantees you wont lose money with your football wagering picks investment. Enter your email address now and you will receive the SLS newsletter filled with information you need this football season. Some of the features include blogs, audio/video updates, stats and odds, team write-ups and much more. There are packages in a variety of prices ranging from free picks to full season football wagering packages. Sign up today and make this football season one to remember!