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NFL football predictions

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At Superior Line Sports you will find that we are not about the B.S and take our NFL football predictions very seriously. We do not hide from the losses and nor brag about our winners. All our NFL picks have been carefully researched to provide you with the best opportunity to win.

All our games are included in the cost of the football package. We do not charge extra for 10 star games of the millennium or power play games. If the one of our NFL football prediction happens to be a five star game than you will receive it as part of our package. We will not lure anyone in just to try to sell you something else.

Unlike most other sports services and scamdi-cappers out there we do not hide our NFL football predictions, we put all are games up on our website 10 minutes after the games starts to insure you that you are receiving honest picks from honest handicappers. They are all here for everyone to see for themselves. We have nothing to hide and stand behind all our picks. As you will see, we don't win all our games here at Superior Line Sports but we do win a lot more than we lose. Bottom line you will not be disappointed that you signed up for our NFL football predictions this football season.