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"Awesome sports service, your write ups on your picks are great and informative."

Steve - Madison,WI

"Thanks for your 2003-2004 basketball picks, I made a fortune. I will be signing up for football next year!!!

Mike - Des Moines, IA

"You are the only handicapper that has enough confidence to put your picks on your website right after game starts, It is nice to know Im dealing with a upfront and honest service. "

Phil - Columbia, Mo


NFL Playoff Picks

At Superior Line Sports come playoff time, our approach changes drastically. After all, history shows us that the number of favorites who cover far outnumber the amount of dogs who cover in the post season. What we are saying is go with the better team more often then not the team is better covers and the point spread hardly come into play. Moreover, the amount of double digit margin of victories (as a ratio to single digit margin of victory) is alarmingly high as compared to the regular season. We have chronicled in the past the why and wherefores of this dynamic. So with all of this in mind, it is no wonder we lay a lot of wood come December and January.


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