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The premium football picks at Superior Line Sports are some of the best in the sports handicapping industry. While other handicappers and sports services claim to produce winner our handicappers PROVE IT !! All of our football picks are well documented and are put up on the website 10 minutes after the games start. Bottom line we stand behind are picks. The documented awards don't lie, are handicappers are proven and experienced to bring you consistant football winners..

Each one of our handicappers goes there own set of rigerous standards each week to come up with there premium football picks. This includes ..... stats, match ups, road records, defense vs running teams compared to passing teams are just a few things are handicappers look at when determaining there premium football picks.

Wewould like each one of clients know that alot of hard work goes into making there premium football picks. We do everything in are power to release the best football picks we can.... Can you say that about your sports service ? I know one thing is that each week during the football season is that nobody out works are handicapper...period ! Do we win every week ...NO but we sure win alot more than we lose and that it is all about.