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It's nice to know that there is finally a honest handicapper out there that stands behinds his picks. Keep the winners coming!!!!

Mike Salzwedel

This is my first week with your football season package and it's great. Your customer service is second to none and your predictions are very helpfull. Thank you very much!!! Thanks again!!!


I just wanted to let you know that after trying numerous handicapping agencies, yours blows them all away. I have tried many claiming to have "Locks", "Sure things" and even those claiming to be betting a huge sum of their own money because their picks were so good. Your picks are 1000% better than their high priced rip offs. I will be purchasing picks from you guys from now on.

Big Time Sports Fan

When it comes to picking winners no one is better period. Your not afraid to put up your picks and show the world who your selecting. All your picks are put on your website 10 minutes after game starts. No one else does that. It is nice to know there is finaly a honest handicapper out there.

Scott In Washington, DC

Your prices are fair and your honesty is very appreciated.You don' t crawl into a cage after you lose a few games like other services I have been with. Your upfront and honest with your picks. You keep your members very informed and let them now why you are selecting the game. Keep up the good work!!!!

No Name

It was nice talking to you, you let me know what I could expect from your service. You never pressured me into buying something. You were easy to talk to and I really enjoyed talking to you about sports. This is a really change in the handicapping business and I have already told numerous people about your service. Keep being honest.